Wood vs Steel Garage Doors

Many people are not even aware of the options which they have when it comes to choosing the garage doors. Among the many different materials from which the garage doors can be manufactured, two of the most prominent ones are wooden garage doors as well as steel garage doors.

wood vs steel garage doors

Among both of these, you have to look into the finishing as well as the durability of both the options and thereafter only choose the right one. You need to understand that your quest should not be to find the most affordable one but rather your quest should be to find the most suitable and durable one.

We would compare both of these garage doors on a few of the parameters below which would help you in choosing the right one.

Visual Appearance

You need to understand that you have to look at a visual appearance in a holistic way. You have to look at the exteriors of your home and thereafter you have to understand which one matches your home more perfectly.

If you want to give an older as well as vintage look to your home, the wooden garage doors are good enough option. If you’re looking for a modern look, then the steel garage doors are a better option.

Therefore, you have to first take into account the exteriors of your home.


When it comes to maintenance, the wooden doors surely require more maintenance as compared to the metal doors. Therefore, only when you are ready for regularly maintaining the doors, you should go for the wooden doors.

Weather Protection

Most of us like to store our expensive cars as well as other automobiles in the garage. Also, many of us like to build a side workshop in the garage as well.

Therefore, it is important that the contents of the garage are protected from the elements of weather. When it comes to weather insulation, steel garage doors are a better option as compared to the wooden ones.


You need to keep in mind that if you’re going for the most affordable steel, rusting can be a problem. However, most of the steel garage doors these days come with the polyester coating. If there is a polyester coating, there would be no problem of rusting at all.

On the other hand, wooden garage doors even of the most affordable variant would not suffer from problems of rusting.

Thus, instead of thinking of the superlative option as compared to the other, you have to look at your requirements and thereafter choose between the steel doors as well as wooden doors.

You need to always look at the exterior of your home as well as the weather which you have all the year around and thereafter take a call.