The Many Parts of a Garage Door

Most people think about garage doors as a holistic structure. They often do not go into the details of the different parts of the garage door.

garage door parts

It is only when you are required to maintain the garage doors; you realize how many different parts are involved in the garage doors. We would today share with you some of the components of the garage doors.


These are the steel panels which are often reinforced. If it is made from wood, these are the wooden panels which are connected together in order to create the entire door.

Bottom Brackets

These are the supports at the bottom of the garage door with supports the door.


These are the springs which enable you to control the movement of the garage doors. The springs can be either controlled manually or they can be controlled by machine in which case, you would be able to control the garage door by remote control.

Cable Drums

Cable drums are connected to the springs of the garage door and these consist of the cables which are connected to the shaft and actually enable the garage door to move.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are the springs which are installed in order to wait for the movement of the garage door. They are not used in normal circumstances but when extra movement of the garage door is needed, extension springs come into the picture.

Under normal circumstances, the garage doors would have normal spring or extension springs and do not have both simultaneously.


This is the part which is attached horizontally to the ceiling and provides support to the garage door.


Tracks are the parts of the garage door which enable it to move horizontally or vertically.

Top Brackets

Just like the bottom brackets, the top brackets are used to provide support to the lifting cables and are present at the top of the garage door.


Hinges are installed at the joints between the garage structures in the garage door. These permit the movement of the garage door while keeping it attached with the garage structure.


The motor is a part in the garage door assembly which raises or lowers the garage door.

Operator Rail

This part of the garage door assembly is generally made up of a chain or a belt. It acts like a conveyor belt and allows the garage door to move.


The bearing in the garage door is used to support the spring and the shaft of the garage door.

Thus, as you can see the parts which are involved in the garage door are plenty. Only when the entire assembly works together, you can be sure that the garage door would function properly.